Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Shows Some Skin in 'Fading Gigolo'

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian bombshell, plays the role of Sharon Stone’s girlfriend in the film "Finding Gigolo," and is said to strip down to mere lingerie for steamy scenes that she shares with the 55-year-old veteran actress and actor John Turturro.
Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara's New Show is Based on Her Own Life as a Mother

Sofia Vergara is in talks to produce comedy series, 'Raising Mom' for ABC, an autobiographical show that will be based on her own experience as a mother.

Sofia Vergara Kmart Shapewear Pics, 'Modern Family' Star Stuns On Red Carpet

The actress has been doing a little bit of everything lately.
Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone Share Steamy Threesome In 'Fading Gigolo' [VIDEO]

Watch out Hollywood, this is steamy even by your standards. Two of Tinseltown's premier sex symbols, Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone, are teaming up as a couple of bisexual lovers looking for a menage a trois in their latest movie, "Fading Gigolo."
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