International Women's Day

[WATCH] Latin American Feminism and Its Humble Beginnings

Celebrate International Women's Day by celebrating the people who made it possible
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Feminism Surges Across Latin America, From Chile to Mexico

Women are protesting across Latin America in a call to force gender politics into the arena following increasing cases of femicide and highly restrictive abortion laws.
Cherrie Moraga

Fourth Edition of Chicana Author Cherríe Moraga's Feminist Anthology Published

Thirty-five years later, the newest edition of "This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color" has been released, and it will expose a whole new generation of women to the "the complex confluence of identities-race, class, gender, and sexuality-systemic to women of color, oppression and liberation."
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Latina Feminista Juliana Britto Says Being a Millennial and a Feminist Go Hand-in-Hand

The Brazilian-American blogger and frequent contributor to Feministing spoke with Latin Post about her identity as a Latina, a millennial and a feminist, confessing that while she's enjoyed watching the popularization of feminism among young people, feminism has become "watered down, or reduced to social media soundbites."

Feminism Dismissed by #WomenAgainstFeminism on Social Media

"Women Against Feminism," a social media action occurring in response to the notorious social movement, claims that feminism reduces women to victims, stereotypes all men as predators and challenges women's traditional roles as females and mothers.

Reddit Forum for Women Flooded by Internet Trolls, Sparks Outrage, TMI Backlash

TwoXChromosomes, the Reddit community that was constructed as a safe space and discussion board for cisgendered women, transgendered women and any female-identified individuals to address gender-related issues, has recently been met with a bout of misogynistic messages and internet trolls after being made a "default" subreddit. Previously, posters had to seek out the community whose motto is "women supporting women," but the new setting directs all users of the massive internet forum toward 2X content.

Revisiting the 'Latina Feminisista' Movement

As mainstream feminism handled "white women's issues," they purposefully avoided racism and the unique concerns that women of color observed; which lead to the emergence of individual movements. For Latinas, that movement became known as Chicana feminism.
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Fires Back at Lorde's Anti-Feminist Allegations

There has been a feud between 21-year-old Selena Gomez and the New Zealand indie-pop singer Lorde, which involves the subject of feminism. Gomez addresses the 17-year-old singer's recent remarks, which has accused her song "Come & Get It" of being anti-feminist and sending a bad message to the fans.
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