Arizona Boy Cries After Parents Reveal Baby's Gender; Viral Video Approaching 1 Million Views [WATCH]

An Arizona couple is expecting the birth of their fourth child and it so happens to be a girl, which brings the gender count of their offspring to three girls and one boy.
Greg Abbott

Wendy Davis Opponent and Texas GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Abbott Panned for Underpaying Female Employees

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and his office recently came under scrutiny after figures revealed that most of his female assistant attorneys make less than their male counterparts, on average, despite having the same job qualifications. The attorney general's office claims that the difference in pay can be explained by the number of years that men have been licensed as lawyers and served at the agency, yet the figures provided by Abbott's office show no direct correlation between pay and experience.

Pope Francis Seeks To Increase Role of Women In Catholic Church

He is against the idea of female priests but wants a larger role for women
German Baby

Third Gender Option Offered in Germany for Intersex Babies

Germany will become the first European nation to recognize a third gender for intersex babies.
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