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After 53 years of war FARC say goodbye to their weapons. It's the possibility of a great change in Colombia's history.


It's not a surprise that drug lords are super wealthy and they spend it on many interesting things. However, a lot of the activity has remained a secret. Now the Rich Cartel Kids are exposing many of the luxuries that these people have. The following is a list of interesting things that this now private Instagram account has exposed.


President Barack Obama used his executive authority to issue restrictions on gun sales in an effort to reduce gun violence.


A simple phone call and better communications with U.S. would have prevented jailing


Earlier this month, Burlington, Va. residents voted 2-to-1 in favor of enacting three gun control measures, which has since been the subject of controversy by law enforcement.


The social media company Facebook, which owns Instagram, announced that over the next few weeks it would implement a new set of restrictions on commercial activity use of the sites.

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