Brian Goldner in Bumblebee Showing

Toy Giant Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner Dies, Two Days Following Medical Leave

Toy Giant Hasbro announced the death of their Chief Executive Officer, Brian Goldner, two days after his medical leave.

'Transformers 4' Release Date, Cast & News Update: Images of Toys & Merchandise Revealed; Where to Purchase?

Everyone knows that the "Transformers" movie franchise is one massive big-screen advertisement for Hasbro's toys. But we can't really complain since the movies about realistically-looking robots transforming into cars (or vice versa) were very awesome.
Furby BOOM

Furby BOOM App: 90's Fad Receives Modern Facelift

The Furby BOOM's eyes are LCD screens, allowing it to emote more realistically. The BOOM is also considered a "robot pet" which kids can virtually control using a phone or tablet. Like the regular Furby, the Furby BOOM is still very interactive and well...needy. Your kids will still be required to talk to them, feed them, tickle them and make them dance. The care is the same, except for things like bathing your Furby, which can now be done digitally and not in a actual shower, which cost our parents, another Furby.
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