Mexican Marijuana Farmers Make Switch To Heroin As Pot Prices Fall

As marijuana prices have plummeted in the last five years, in part because of decriminalization in some states of the U.S., Mexican drug farmers in the remote valleys of the northern Sierra Madre have began to harvest opium poppies instead and distribute cheap $4 heroin to many rural areas in America.
Rio Grande

Texas' Rio Grande Valley Operates as a Major Marijuana and Drug Smuggling Corridor

Federal law enforcement agencies have struggled to reduce the amount of marijuana smuggled into the country through the U.S.-Mexico border while the Rio Grande poses as its biggest challenge.

Mexican Teenager Injects Genitals with Dangerous "Zombie" Drug Krokodil

"Zombie" flesh-eating drug desomorphine, the street name Krokodil (pronounced crocodile), which gives users an intense "zombie-like" high state -and the side effects are ulcerated skin and limbs- has struck again, and this time in Mexico. In a bizarre sequence of events, what initially was thought to be lacerations caused by a sexually transmitted infection, turned out to be harm caused when a teenage girl injected the drug into her genitals.
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