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Women-owned business growth has been swelling for years. Non-white, multicultural women are the secret force behind overall progress and the introduction of more than $1.5 trillion in revenue to the nation's economy, according to a new report.


Funding and growth remains a big challenge for Latino businesses, from hi-tech startups to the mom and pop restaurant on the corner. One startup founded by two Harvard Business school students, who are also twin brothers, aims to pin its own by growth on helping small Latino businesses reach their full potential.


Hispanics are driven to entrepreneurship at an earlier age than general market business owners, and they're likely to handle their own finances, also.


Wells Fargo has announced a new offer to help meet the needs of Hispanic consumers and small business owners, and accommodate the fast-growing demand for mobile services that help owners stay on top of their business when they are away from computers and offices.


According to TD Bank, which pegs itself "America's Most Convenient Bank®" and was named Money Magazine's "Best Big Bank in America" for 2013, more than half of Hispanic small business owners in New York City met or exceeded their 2013 business goals, despite the nation's rocky economic conditions.

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