Hispanic Homeownership Rate Increases Five Years in A Row

Hispanic Homeownership Rate Increases Five Years in A Row

A recently released report says that the homeownership rate among Hispanics has increased for the fifth consecutive year in 2019.
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Latinos Drove the Vast Majority of Homeownership Growth in 2015

Latinos are driving growth in homeownership in the U.S., becoming an outlier in the homeownership trend, which decreased overall in 2015.

Latinos Turn to Home Ownership as Renting Costs Soar Nationwide

More U.S. Latinos are considering home ownership as the cost of renting soars across the nation, according to a renter survey conducted by the banking institution TD Bank. In fact, the new report says within the next two years, Latinos are nine percent more likely than the general market to purchase a home (42 percent compared to 31 percent).

NAHREP Initiative Hopes to Triple Hispanic Household Wealth Over 10 Years

National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals' Hispanic Wealth Project has received the support of an American multinational financial institution, which posseses a $125 billion lending goal, helping to increase the number of Hispanic home mortgage consultants, support financial education and counseling, and triple Hispanic household wealth over 10 years.

Hispanic Millennials Still Live With Parents Despite Working More

Economic recovery has been on the horizon for some time now: full-time employment is up, unemployment is down, and wages have corrected following the recession to meet the needs of young adults in the labor market. Nonetheless, millennials continue to take up residency with their parents, according to a recent Pew report. This is particularly true for many young Hispanics, who are "unbanked" or "underbanked."
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First-Time Hispanic Homebuyers Optimistic, Expect to Find Their First Home Within the Next Five Years

Hispanic homebuyers are ready to move the housing market, according to a new report. More than half of Hispanic homebuyers are comfortable with making a down payment of 20 percent or more on an affordable new home. Additionally, most Hispanics plan to buy their first home within the next five years.

Millennials and the Housing Market: Millennials Less Likely to be Homeowners than Young Adults in Previous Generations

Millennials may represent one-third of the overall U.S. population, but they are less likely to become homeowners than young adults from previous generations.

Latinos 'Deeply Impacted' by Recession But Remain Optimistic About 'American Dream'

The Latino unemployment rate is 7.8 percent in the U.S., based on July's report from the Department of Labor, but despite the rate's increase, Latinos remain optimistic about their economic future.

US Home Prices Rise But at Slower Pace as Homeownership Hits 19-Year Lows

Homeownership in the U.S. hit new lows during the second quarter, while home prices are slowly on the increase.

Latinos and Black Less Likely to Own Homes

The American Dream promises a number of things, one of those things being a home …accented with an optional white picket fence. However, less than half of Hispanics in America have been able to seize that portion of the “Dream,” due greatly to the fact that minorities are more likely to be denied loans and they are less likely to apply for conventional mortgages for the same reason.
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