FIFA Headquarters

FIFA Fines Latin American Countries for Homophobic Slurs

FIFA has fined football associations in five Latin American countries due to their fans chanting homophobic slurs during matches,
 Thierry Henry

Soccer Racism and Homophobia: Mexican Fans Chant Profanity During 2014 FIFA World Cup Match Against Brazil and Cameroon

FIFA's reluctant tolerance of racism has given way to a spout of homophobia: Mexico's fans harmonized a chant, singing "puto" during two recent matches, when Mexico was pitted against Cameroon and Brazil.

Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill Follows a Trend of Intolerance Set By Anti-Immigration Bill

The passing and subsequent vetoing of Senate Bill 1062, which would have legalized discrimination towards gays, shows Arizona's resistance to a nation becoming increasingly intolerant towards intolerance.
Ugandan Anti Gay Tabloid

Uganda Tabloid Publishes List of Homosexuals After Government Passes Harsh Anti-Gay Laws

A Ugandan newspaper has published a list outing several suspected homosexuals. This comes just a day after their President signed a harsh anti-gay bill into law.

Eminem Addresses Allegations of Homophobia on Single 'Rap God'

Eminem was recently questioned about specific parts of the "Rap God" lyrics, a track from his eighth studio album "The Marshall Mathers LP 2." There were some accusations of him being homophobic due to his anti-gay slurs, and the rapper addresses critics of such lyrical content during a recent interview.
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