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Net Mundial, a global internet governance conference being held this week in Brazil ended on Thursday with little concrete progress to show. Nevertheless optimistic participants representing a wide range of interests celebrated the constructive conversations that took place during the two-day event, which coincided with Brazil signing its groundbreaking "Internet Bill of Rights" into law.


A new province of the World Wide Web intended for Spanish speakers launched Wednesday, March 19. The ".uno" domain, one of the Internet's new web address suffixes helping to sort out the ever-expanding web, is looking to become the one place for "El Internet en Español." We talked with Shaul Jolles, CEO of Dot Latin LLC, the company behind .uno.


The U.S. Government will soon relinquish the authority it still holds over one of the internet's most important systems - running the internet protocol network and the assigning of Web addresses and domains.


The internet is about to get a lot bigger, come mid-March, when another batch of gTLDs (generic top level domains: various alternatives for the ".com" or ".org" that follows a web address) hit the public. On March 19, one of those gTLDs up for grabs is .UNO, the first dedicated domain for Spanish-speakers.


The internet is about to erupt with thousands of new domain name extensions, supplementing the familiar ".com" with new website address endings from ".company" to ".photography." Juan Diego Calle, CEO of ".CO", a preexisting domain focused on startups, tells LatinPost why he's not scared of the sudden increase in competing web suffixes.


Another internet domain company has jumped on the opportunity to reach out to a worldwide Spanish-speaking audience: IBM and Deloitte have registered for a .UNO domain for their collaboration Trademark Clearinghouse, a sign that the Hispanic and Latin American-targeted .UNO domain is continuing to gain steam.

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