Immigrants are More Likely to Succeed in Entrepreneurship

Immigrants are More Likely to Succeed in Entrepreneurship

A successful immigrant entrepreneur cites the reasons why immigrants make great entrepreneurs.
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Study Finds Immigrants Responsible for Innovation in US Economy, but Education Is Key

Giving immigrants more opportunities to succeed in innovative fields is a good idea, especially since the biggest innovations tend to come from immigrants and not graduates (or dropouts) of elite colleges, according to new research.
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Mark Zuckerberg, Silicon Valley Chiefs to Supreme Court: Let Immigrants Stay, 'Current Immigration System Inhibits Productivity of US Companies'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a group of Silicon Valley chiefs have come out in official support of President Obama's executive actions that seek to protect undocumented immigrants.
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Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Especially Latinos, Are Fueling the US Startup Economy

A new study published late last week shows that immigrants are driving the startup economy in the U.S. -- along with showing a boom in immigrant Latino entrepreneurs starting new businesses.
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TURNOUT: Latino, Millennial, Immigrant Entrepreneurs Play 'Enormous' Role in US Economy, Says SBA Maria Contreras-Sweet

Latinos have said job creation and fixing the economy is among their most important issues that politicians should address during the midterm election, according to Latino Decisions 2014 Election Eve Poll, and U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet has been helping Latinos enter into small business ventures.
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