Lais Crisostomo Aguiar: Brazilian Social Media Influencer, Fiancé's Friend Face Drug Charges After Attempting to Board Plane to Dubai With Cocaine

A Brazilian blogger known online for flaunting her lavish vacations and designer bags on social media and her fiancé's friend was charged after both tried to board a Dubai-bound flight with cocaine-filled capsules in food supplement bottles inside her bag.

Social Media Influencer With Half a Million Subscribers Deletes YouTube Channel After Backlash; Single Mom YouTuber Caught Coaching Her 9-Year-Old

After the emergence of a recent vlog that showed YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne pressuring her 9-year-old son to pose for a video thumbnail, the social media influencer deleted her channel in the video-sharing platform and Instagram account for the "health and well-being" of her son.
Marlene Mendez

Meet Marlene Mendez, Latina Influencer on the Rise

Marlene Mendez, one of the TikTok users that you should definitely follow, hopes to be more of an inspiration and role model to the young Latin community.
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