Intel In New Mexico

Intel Announces $3.5 Billion Investment for New Mexico Expansion

Tech leader Intel Corporation has announced that it will invest $3.5 billion to expand its New Mexico operations in a press conference, May 3.
Diversity in Technology, Intel's historic $300 Million pledge for parity by 2020

Diversity in Tech: Intel CEO Details Internal 'Resistance' as Jackson Calls on Silicon Valley to Look Beyond the 'Pipeline'

Intel's CEO admitted the company had some internal resistance to his diversity goals, while Jesse Jackson wants to push for Silicon Valley diversity beyond just technology training and hiring.
Capitol Hill

Where Diversity, Tech, Money, and Political Power Mingle

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem. It also has a lot of money. Some of that money is now going to Washington, D.C.
CEO Brian Krzanich Delivers Intel Keynote at CES 2016, Diversity in Tech

Diversity in Tech: Intel's Diversity Report Shows Imperfect Progress, Sets a Standard for Depth and Transparency

Intel is one of the cornerstones of Silicon Valley, which famously has a diversity problem. Intel, not surprisingly, is not very diverse. But the company has been pushing for action on diversity, and its latest report -- though showing halting progress within its own workforce -- is setting a standard for the industry with its depth and transparency.
Donald Trump getty

Donald Trump's Plan for Apple to Make iPhones in US Could Increase Prices

Donald Trump wants Apple to build its products in the United States rather than China. If Apple does listen to Trump's request, products like the iPhone could increase greatly in price.

Intel Admits Skylake Chips Freeze Under Heavy Workloads

Intel's sixth generation processors will freeze if worked too hard.
Intel 3D Phone

CES 2016: Intel Unveils Project Tango Smartphone With 3D Camera

The smartphone is perfect for interior designers or landscapers.
CEO Brian Krzanich Delivers Intel Keynote at CES 2016, Diversity in Tech

In CES 2016 Keynote, Intel Shows How it Continues Leading in Diversity

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday night to deliver the company's keynote speech, which included an impressive update on the company's progress on diversity.
Intel Drone

CES 2016: Intel Shows Off Commercial Drone, Transforming Scooter Robot

The drone's controller will have a display to show the user what the drone is seeing.
intel ceo Brian Krzanich

Diversity in Tech: Intel Shows Small Signs of Progress Six Months into #Parity2020 Pledge

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intel made a historic pledge to reach full representation of minorities in its company in the next five years, better known as #Parity2020.
computer chip architecture

IBM Extends Moore's Law With Breakthrough 7nm Chip

IBM announced on Thursday that it had made a working version of a computer chip designed with a breakthrough architecture at the scale of 7nm, about twice as small as the current generation.
Diversity in Technology, Intel's historic $300 Million pledge for parity by 2020

Leading the Charge for Diversity in Silicon Valley, Intel Creates $125 M Investment Fund for Minority-led Startups

When it comes to reshaping Silicon Valley to be more inclusive and better reflect the makeup of the rest of the country, Intel is leading the way again.
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Intel, Google Announce New Diversity in Silicon Valley Initiatives

Intel has announced its 2015 plan for a more diverse workforce, and Google has joined in with its own $150 million initiative to get more women, African Americans, and Latinos into technology.
Luis Guillermo Solis

Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solis Talks Foreign Investments, Tech Expansion in Latin America

Recently elected Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis in on a five-day trip in the United States, and he's looking to improve foreign direct investments and trade from big-name companies to his country. He also addressed concerns about taking employment opportunities away from Americans.

SMWF 2014: Adobe, Intel, State Street Social Media Execs Talk Brand Reputation by Empowering Employees

Social media can be a powerful if used correctly, and employers could utilize the platform to motivate their employees and establish a better brand status.

Latin American Comparison Shopping App Buscapé Launches for Intel Atom Windows 8.1 Tablets

A consumer app for products and services in Latin America has finally made its way to Windows 8.1 platforms via Intel's Atom tablets.
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