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U.S. Appeals Court: FCC Net Neutrality Rules Don't Apply to Broadband Companies - What Does That Mean for You?

Just a few days ago, AT&T's new "Sponsored Data" wireless project reminded us that omissions and sloppy policy writing in previous regulations by the Federal Communications Commission can be a threat to Net Neutrality. Now, that point has become blazingly clear, as a U.S. Federal appeals court has struck down the FCC's Net Neutrality-based "Open Internet Rules," possibly clearing the way for a future internet that's completely unrecognizable from the current system.
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AT&T Sponsored Data, Net Neutrality, and the Spotty Coverage of FCC Policy

In 2010, powerful wireless internet providers scored big when the Federal Communications Commission exempted wireless telecommunications companies from key "Open Internet" (Net Neutrality-related) regulations. That exemption, which at the time was seen as an obvious, confusing oversight, has come back in the form of what could be a substantial challenge to Net Neutrality from AT&T's new "sponsored data" policy.
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