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For the first time during his tenure, President Barack Obama paid a visit to an American mosque on Wednesday where he delivered an impassioned speech condemning Islamophobia.


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson stirred further debate on whether a Muslim can become U.S. president.


Although the New York Police Department (NYPD) announced the disbanding of its controversial Muslim surveillance program last month, a growing number of Latino Muslims living in New York City remain concerned about being watched and harassed by authorities.


Sharia Law prohibits her choice of Christian faith.


Russell Crowe's upcoming film Noah, based on the biblical story of the prophet who built an ark to protect his family from an apocalyptic flood, has been banned in several Muslim countries and is causing controversy among Christians as well.


By and large, Latino Americans are Catholic; a majority of the 52 million Hispanics living in the United States belong to the Catholic Church. However, Cathedrals are emptying, and former occupants have taken to worshiping in mosques.


In what looks like an obvious case of Islamophobia, the American Civil Liberties Union has found out about a covert American national security program used to profile innocent Muslims as "national security concerns."

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