Diversity in Technology, Intel's historic $300 Million pledge for parity by 2020

Diversity in Tech: Intel CEO Details Internal 'Resistance' as Jackson Calls on Silicon Valley to Look Beyond the 'Pipeline'

Intel's CEO admitted the company had some internal resistance to his diversity goals, while Jesse Jackson wants to push for Silicon Valley diversity beyond just technology training and hiring.
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Diversity in Tech: Intel Shows Small Signs of Progress Six Months into #Parity2020 Pledge

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intel made a historic pledge to reach full representation of minorities in its company in the next five years, better known as #Parity2020.
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Diversity in Tech: So Few Minority Tech Executives, You Can Count Them on Two Hands — Rainbow PUSH Study

This year we've learned a lot about the tech industry's employee diversity, or lack thereof. Now, a new survey by the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition reports that at the top levels of Silicon Valley companies, even fewer minorities can be found than elsewhere.
Amazon Diversity Disclosures

Amazon's Diversity Report and Jackson's New Call for Direct Action in Silicon Valley

Amazon's diversity statistics are predictably similar to the rest of Silicon Valley, but Amazon stands out from the rest in what it didn't disclose. Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson has called for more egalitarianism from the tech industry.

Diversity in Tech: Jesse Jackson Calls for Government Action, Promises More Pressure on Silicon Valley for Diversity Reports

Jesse Jackson continued his push for diversity in Silicon Valley this week, calling a more representative workforce in the country's high tech industry the next step for civil rights.

Duck Dynasty Fallout 2013: Jesse Jackson Compares Phil Robertson to Rosa Parks Bus Driver; Suspension lifted

Phil Robinson's suspension from A&E Network has officially been lifted.
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