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Google Comes Clean on Lack of Diversity, NHMC Calls on More to Do the Same

Google released information about the diversity of its workforce, and the news isn't very positive. Most of the giant company's workforce is made up of white men. There is a positive side to the story though, as Google is at least acknowledging the problem with full transparency, which the National Hispanic Media Coalition says is the first step towards an "honest conversation" about the lack of diversity in tech.

National Hispanic Media Coalition Criticizes Possible FCC Open Internet Rules

The Federal Communications Commission will release a proposal soon to reinstate its Open Internet rules in a new form, after a federal court struck down the current incarnation of the FCC's net neutrality-friendly rules. But the new rules may not not enshrine certain net neutrality principals, leading tech watchers and advocacy groups, including the National Hispanic Media Coalition, to preemptively condemn the changes.

National Hispanic Media Coalition on FCC Doubling Funding for School Internet Program

The Federal Communications Commission announced that it plans to double the money it's spending on faster internet connections in public schools and libraries. The initiative was part of President Obama's State of the Union address, where he promised that 15,000 schools would get faster, better internet access.

Net Neutrality Ruling Will Disempower Latinos, says National Hispanic Media Coalition VP

A federal appeals court effectively struck down the Federal Communications Commission's Net Neutrality rules for internet providers on Tuesday last week, which is a very bad thing for Latinos and other minorities, according to Jessica Gonzales of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.
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