Pres. Candidate Pena Nieto Campaigns In Monterrey Ahead Of Election

A Hacker Helped Rig Elections in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, and More By Spying and Manipulating Social Media to Steer Public Opinion

For nearly ten years, a 20-something Colombian hacker secretly shaped the outcomes of major elections across Latin America.
Hacking Team in Latin America

Latin American Governments Paid This Company to Spy on Their Citizens

The Italian spyware company Hacking Team provided services to governments across Latin America, some of which were used to spy on political dissenters, journalists, and other non-criminal targets, according to a new report.
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Much of Latin America is Unprepared for Cyber Attacks - Report

Latin America needs to get on its cybersecurity game, according to a new study.
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Persistent Latin American Gender Pay Gap Harms Progress, Says UN

Latin America is lagging behind on gender pay equity, and that's a problem for the region's economy and culture as a whole, according to the United Nations.
Brazil's GDP Expected To Shrink Further As Economic Woes Continue

Latin American Economic Downturn Forces Private Equity to Stick Around, for Now

Latin America is going through quite a tough recession, but the private equity that flooded the region before the downturn hit is there to stay -- at least, for now.
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The Four Barriers to Latin America's Mobile Internet Boom

If 90 percent of Latin America is covered by mobile broadband, why is more than half the population not online? Here are the four major barriers new research has found keeping the Latin American economy from bursting on the mobile Internet scene.
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What IBM's Supercomputer AI Watson Can Do for Latin America

IBM announced on Wednesday it was entering into a partnership with Latin American IT giant GBM Corporation to create a new company designed to apply the unique talents of IBM's cognitive computer Watson to the region's challenges. The new company, appropriately named Cognitiva, will be dedicated to addressing complex problems with big data and Watson's incredible capacity for analysis.

Half of South American Internet Users Are Pirating Media: Study

When you think of online piracy, the first image that comes to mind is probably of American teenagers in their dorm rooms, bittorrenting Hollywood movies. "Widespread" piracy, meanwhile, perhaps connotes a visual of bootleg DVDs being hawked on the streets of Shanghai. But perhaps it'd be more accurate to think of an average Chilean family sitting down to watch TV.
Blu Vivo 5 2016 CES

Budget Phone Maker Blu Takes on a Premium Look and Feel with the New All-Metal Blu Vivo 5

Introducing the all-metal Vivo 5 at CES 2016 this week, discount smartphone maker Blu just joined the premium crowd.

Brief Brazilian WhatsApp Ban Shows How Essential Social Media Messaging Is, Boosts Telegram App by 1.5M Users

On the same day that investigators of the ISIS Paris attacks announced to CNN that the perpetrators used encrypted chat apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram, to communicate under the radar of law enforcement, Brazil imposed -- and then subsequently rescinded -- a nationwide ban of WhatsApp for related reasons, at least officially.
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Mobile Powers US Digital Latinos, But Latin America Is Becoming Next Mobile Battleground

Latinos have been the leading edge in adoption of mobile technology and smartphones in the U.S. since the beginning of the trend. Now Hispanics outside of the U.S. may take the reigns, as a boom in Latin America's mobile market is taking shape.

GM, Chevrolet, & Ford Fast-Tracking Production Shift to Mexico: Report

The three big American automakers, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, and Ford, have all picked up the pace in their plans to save on labor costs by moving production to Mexico. While luxury cars, SUVs and trucks will still be made in the U.S., all three Detroit-based auto companies are shifting the production of smaller cars to Mexico.
Alberto Ramirez, co-founder of Oppous, Playfan dating app

What's Next: Alberto Ramirez Puts Playfan in Motion for a Safer, More Transparent Dating App

What if a dating app had an approach that incorporated more transparency, more trust, and none of the swipe-through, throwaway hookup attitude, built-in to its core?
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In Latin America Startup Scene, Chile and Colombia Stand Out

Mini-Silicon Valleys are sprouting in Latin America, especially in Chile and Colombia, where a combination of government initiatives, investment, and homegrown entrepreneurs are beginning to foment an economic transformation. Here's why Chile and Colombia are beginning to stand out in Latin American tech entrepreneurship.

Spotify Eyeing Expansion in Latin America

Music-streaming service Spotify is eyeing an expansion into Latin American markets, and the way to do that, the company says, is by integrating itself into consumers' phone contracts.
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Is Cuba On the Verge of a Technology Revolution?

Last week, Cuba got its first free, public WiFi hub. But as significant as that is for the formerly hermetic island nation that's in the process of normalizing relations with the U.S. and others, it may just be the beginning of a much larger coming technology revolution in the country.
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