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You'd Never Guess This Social Media Platform That Most Latino Millennials Get Their News From

Two huge, fascinating trends are converging in the U.S.: the rise of connectivity through social media and mobile technology and the rise of Latino millennials in population and also economic and cultural influence.

Portada 2014 Forum on Hispanic Advertising and Media Provides Brand Marketers, Agencies Further Understanding of Latinos' Habits

A leading source of news and analysis on Latin marketing and media presented a two-day conference on the growing influence of Latinos' in business, media and programming.
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AT&T, Vice Launch 'Between Two Worlds' Campaign to Reach Young Latinos

In the mature U.S. wireless market, competition to find new customers -- or to lure away current customers from other carriers -- is fierce. Seeing an opportunity for growth in young millennials, and especially digital-savvy young Latinos, AT&T is launching a campaign Monday called #BetweenTwoWorlds to win over young bicultural Latinos.
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