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While Ahead of the Digital Curve, Many Latinos Are Also 'Smartphone-Dependent' - Pew

Latinos, especially upwardly mobile millennials, have been shown by many studies to be "ahead of the digital curve" when it comes to being tuned into cutting edge digital media, as well as smartphone ownership and useage. In fact, Latinos own smartphones at a rate that's almost 10 percent higher than the U.S. national average, as we previously reported.
Google Project Ara Yezz Modules Prototype

Check Out Phase 2 of Google's Project Ara and Yezz's Modular Designs, Coming to Puerto Rico in 2015

The most interesting smartphone of 2015 will almost certainly end up being a prototype device from Google called Project Ara. Take a look before it hits Puerto Rico for trials later this year.
NHMC internet Slowdown day

Internet Slowdown Day Hits as FCC's Tom Wheeler Hints at Neutrality Rules for Wireless

On Wednesday, Netflix, Digg, Reddit, Tumblr, and many others took part in an online protest reminiscent of the 2011 anti-SOPA action to protest against the Federal Communications Commission's planned new Open Internet policy and the "fast lanes" proposal associated with it. Meanwhile, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler hinted this week at expanding Net Neutrality-type protections to wireless broadband.
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