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Latino Diversity and Visibility Still Lacking in Both English- and Spanish-Language Media

The varied and distinct collection of Latino sub-groups and cultures fail to be properly represented on the screen, and the highest-earning Latinos in Hollywood tend to be noticeably lighter. While darker Latinos have increased in numbers onscreen, they are almost exclusively cast in supporting roles, and often they play exclusively black characters.
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Latinos Make Up a Disproportionate Part of Hollywood's Key Theatergoing Audience

We've already seen that Latinos watch more streaming digital video that the general U.S. consumer. Now, the Motion Picture Association of America's newest study on moviegoers at the theater has found that Latino oversample in that arena, too.

New York City International Film Festival's Latino Film Day Founder Notes a Surge in Latina Female Filmmakers in 2014

"To have a platform to show your film is very important, especially for filmmakers who show their films in New York City -- it's the mecca of filmmaking," Roberto Rizzo, founder and CEO of the New York City International Film Festival told the Latin Post.

The Addams Family, Safety Not Guaranteed & Netflix Features with Latino Leads

Netflix is perhaps the most well-known and successful providers of streaming on-demand films and series, offering thousands of titles to more than 33.1 million subscribers in the U.S. alone. The website delivers films and television series in a number of languages and in every known genre. The website even hosts a collection of Hollywood favorites and hidden treasures that show Latinos as lead supporting actors and actresses.
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Hollywood's Portrayal of Latinos in Domestic Roles vs. The Reality of Latino Occupations

Latinos' characters in Hollywood films are designed contrary to the realities of Latinos and their lives off-screen. While there have been a few exceptions to the rule, on the most part, films continue to embrace stereotypes regarding sexuality, demeanor, aggressiveness, and occupations. Latinos frequently appear as housemaids, gardeners, nannies and a convoy of other domestics, and that's when they aren't playing drug dealers, drug mules and gangsters. Whether based in reality or not, films infrequently make the effort to show Latinos performing jobs that earn higher wages or contributing to society on a larger scale. Latinos are rarely seen as politicians, doctors, or CEOs.
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