Sofia Vergara

Latino Diversity and Visibility Still Lacking in Both English- and Spanish-Language Media

The varied and distinct collection of Latino sub-groups and cultures fail to be properly represented on the screen, and the highest-earning Latinos in Hollywood tend to be noticeably lighter. While darker Latinos have increased in numbers onscreen, they are almost exclusively cast in supporting roles, and often they play exclusively black characters.
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The Hottest Latino Actors on Reality T.V.

Reality shows are known for spicy and sexy behavior, so it's no wonder that plenty of Latinos have gained fame through reality television. Of course, most reality stars don't see more than 15 minutes of fame. These next Latino stars, on the other hand, know how to make the most out of their time. Here is the list of realty television's Latino stars that shining today.
Sofia Vergara

Columbia-born Star, Sofia Vergara, Is the Richest Woman In Television

Barranquilla, Colombia-born beauty, Sofia Vergara is the richest actress on U.S. television, according to Forbes Magazine, earning $19 Million this past year.
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