Very Big Shot

Oscar 2017 Predictions: Lebanon selects TIFF film 'Very Big Shot'

Lebanon has selected "Very Big Shot" to represent the country at the Academy Awards. The film made its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.
Red Cross Aid Convoy, Madaya, Syria

Aid Sent to Beseiged Syrian Town Where Thousands are Trapped and Starving

An aid convoy was sent to a besieged the Syrian town of Madaya Monday, where thousands of people are trapped and starving.
Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Palestinian Death Toll Reaches 100 as Israeli Air Strikes Continue

Gaza militants are launching rockets further into Israel, and the Palestinian death toll is rising as Israel launches more air strikes into Gaza.
greta gerwig

Female Stars Shocking Fans By Revealing More Than Usual

This week, some of the biggest upcoming female stars surprised their fans by doing the unexpected. From panties to pot, these female celebs broke out of character and went down a shockingly different road. Check out pop culture's latest unexpected twists.
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