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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Still Leads, While Others Grow Faster - Pew

This week in social media, Pew Research released a new survey on social media use in the U.S. The research found that while Facebook far outweighs other social media networks, at the same time, it showed little growth compared to the rest.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Expands Ad Tracking and Takes on Snapchat, While Twitter Finally Lets You Post GIFs - Kind Of

This week was big in social media, especially for Facebook, which announced new features in some of its apps, an entirely new stand-alone app and expanded the amount of information it can collect from you. Twitter, meanwhile, finally enabled tweeting GIFs, LinkedIn faces a lawsuit for violating privacy, and Snapchat got more social with a new sharing feature. It's time for Social Media Saturday.

Diversity in Tech: LinkedIn's Workforce Report Continues White Male Trend Ahead of Women, Other Ethnicities

Men dominate the tech industry. That isn't new. LinkedIn's workforce diversity report further proved the gender and ethnicity imbalance.

Social Media in Latin America: 40 Million Members on LinkedIn as 222 Million Overall Social Users Projected for Region

Social media users in Latin America are expected to grow by double-digit figures, and one social network might capitalize on the growth.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Begins Unpacking Its App, Twitter Introduces More Ad Products, and LinkedIn Reaches 300 Million Users

This week in social media, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed how serious he is about the company's "multi-app strategy," Twitter continued its evolution toward profitability with more ad products, and LinkedIn reached a milestone, thanks to expanding mobile. It's time for Social Media Saturday!

Puerto Rico Officially Joins LinkedIn To Combat STEM Brain Drain

While Latinos remain underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs and professions in the U.S., Puerto Rico is having a different sort of problem: U.S. recruiters are stealing away with Puerto Rican STEM graduates. But the island's government is trying to end the brain drain, using LinkedIn as a tool.
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Hispanics' Social Media Know-how Has Captivated Marketers

Latinos are at the helm of social media; a fact that was confirmed by a 2013 Pew Report that indicated that 80 percent of Hispanic adults in the U.S. use social media, which is more than whites (70 percent) and African Americans (75 percent).

Internet Moguls and Immigrants Team Up for Immigration-Related Apps

CEO & Chairman of Facebook, Zuckerberg, became the 2nd youngest self-made billionaire in 2012; and, the affluent 29-year-old has opted to use that accumulated wealth for good, signing the "Giving Pledge" -a promise to donate 50% or more of his wealth to charity; gave millions to Newark Public schools, and gave 18 million Facebook shares to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Now, Zuckerberg, who was raised on a suburban lane with mansions and manicured lawns, is teaming up with Carlos Vargas, an immigrant from Mexico, and a number of others for a truly unique venture.
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