Malware on MacBook: Here's How to Avoid It

Malware on MacBook: Here's How to Avoid It

In late 2020, giant tech company Apple introduced its new roster of MacBook with improved performance.
The Tex-Mex chain suffers another setback and customers are at risk for identity theft.

'Most' Chipotle Restaurants Hacked By Malware

One more reason to buy authentic tacos.
Hacking Team in Latin America

Latin American Governments Paid This Company to Spy on Their Citizens

The Italian spyware company Hacking Team provided services to governments across Latin America, some of which were used to spy on political dissenters, journalists, and other non-criminal targets, according to a new report.
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Unbelievably Sophisticated Spyware Infected Computers Worldwide for a Decade -- Report

If you didn't know just how advanced the National Security Agency's digital spying programs were, you will (probably) after reading this.
NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Surveillance, data collection

NSA Leaks Show Facebook-Spoofing Malware Programs Expanding - Greenwald Report

Is that Facebook? Or is the U.S. National Security Agency pretending to be Facebook to install malware on your computer? It turns out, that's a question you might have to ask yourself.

Target Credit Card Breach's Origin? A Simple Phishing Email - Report

Human error: what a big mess it can make. New details in the credit card breach that hit Target stores over the holiday shopping season point to a phishing email sent to Target's refrigeration contractor as the staring point of the whole debacle.
Windows Xp

Windows XP Dies This Spring, But Anti-Malware Support Will Persist

The end is near for Windows XP, but some aspects of Microsoft support for the virus-prone 12-year-old operating system will linger on for about one more year, according to an announcement from Microsoft.
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