MiTú Network's Beatriz Acevedo, Marketplace

MARKETPLACE: Beatriz Acevedo's Key to Success with MiTú? Let Young Latino Creators Do What They Want

If you haven't heard of the MiTú network yet, you will. Starting as a collection of YouTube lifestyle channels aimed at Latino viewers in 2012, MiTúhas grown its reach across new and old media, as well as its audience and its influence, to become the largest Latino entertainment network worldwide.
Alexander Torrenegra, Co-Founder of Bunny, Inc. - Marketplace

MARKETPLACE: Bunny, Inc.'s Alexander Torrenegra Wants to Automate the Creative Job Market

"I think people focus on entrepreneurship just -- because." Alexander Torrenegra, co-founder of Bunny Inc., is a lifelong serial entrepreneur, and not just "because."
Daniel Villao, Strategic Partnerships, ALPFA

MARKETPLACE: Daniel Villao Knows the Smart Path to Diversity

"In a nutshell, my life's work is really about creating access."
Andres Moreno, Founder & CEO of Open English

MARKETPLACE: Andres Moreno's Open English Finds Key to Learning English Online in Human Element

Andres Moreno -- teacher, entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of the bourgeoning online English language-learning startup, Open English -- is also a something of an accidental viral star in Latin America.
Deldelp Medina

MARKETPLACE: Deldelp Medina and Avion Ventures Look to Launch Latinas' Technology Dreams and Change Silicon Valley

When Deldelp Medina talks about Silicon Valley, it's like she's talking about the neighborhood kids she grew up with. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Medina shares some of Silicon Valley's quirks, appreciates its strengths, but also isn't afraid to call it out on its failures, since she became acquainted with the center of the technology universe -- before anyone knew it would become that.
Dr. Angelica Pérez-Litwin, Latinas Think Big,

MARKETPLACE: How Latina Psychologist Dr. Angélica Pérez-Litwin Became a Catalyst to Change the Face of American Business

Latinas are one of the most sought-after consumer groups in the U.S. -- and with the demographic trends underway in the U.S., especially with Latinos being discovered to be incredibly tech savvy -- that influence is only going to grow into the future.

MARKETPLACE: FashionTEQ Founder Judy Tomlinson is Poised to Take Women's Wearables By Storm

Judy Tomlinson -- founder and CEO of the two year-old smart jewelry startup FashionTEQ -- is poised to offer women something different than just another smartwatch.
Jorge Granier of Latin Everywhere

MARKETPLACE: How Jorge Granier Aims to Turn a Family Legacy into a New Digital Empire

Jorge Granier found a way to give his family's legacy -- archival television programs from his family's media company, and former Venezuelan TV channel RCTV -- a new life online. Now he's set his sights on creating a global Spanish-language streaming empire.
HelpHub Miguel Kudry

MARKETPLACE: Venezuelan-Born Entrepreneur Miguel Kudry Finds Success With HelpHub, an Instant Tutoring Network

Miguel Kudry is aware of the irony, on the face of it, that he's the founder of an educational startup.
MARKETPLACE: LinkAmerica CEO Andrés Ruzo Doesn't Know How To Quit

MARKETPLACE: LinkAmerica CEO Andrés Ruzo Doesn't Know How To Quit

They say part of success is just showing up, but aspiring entrepreneurs could learn a different lesson from the example of CEO of LinkAmerica, and self-described "serial entrepreneur," Andrés Ruzo: The biggest part of success is not giving up.

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