Matador's Gabriel Luna

El Rey Cancels Soccer Spy Drama 'Matador'; Action & Fútbol Fans Disappointed, But Say They Were Entertained

World Cup 2014 arrived in full force this summer, shining a spotlight on the intense and beloved game of soccer, thus gaining more fans worldwide on all platforms -- from social media, mobile to television. Yet not all things soccer-related could ultimately score a goal to win the game, including El Rey Network's soccer spy drama, "Matador," which unfortunately had to be cancelled.

'Matador' Cast, El Rey Network Continue to Mourn the Death of Elizabeth Peña With Touching Tribute by Gabriel Luna

"Elizabeth was electric. She was magnetic. She was gravitational. A complete FORCE" -- Gabriel Luna from El Rey Network's hit spy thriller "Matador."
El Rey Network Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

'Matador' TV Series Cast Highlighted in New Trailer by Robert Rodriguez, El Rey Network for Hispanic Heritage Month

El Rey Network and its founder and chairman, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with an exclusive video that highlights its Latino talent featured on its popular TV series, including "From Dusk Till Dawn," "Matador" and "El Rey Network Presents: The Director's Chair."
Christina Ochoa

'Matador' Actress Christina Ochoa on Her El Rey Role, Ocean Science and Carrying on Her Family's Nobel Prize-Winning Legacy

The Spanish-born actress and science aficionado spoke to Latin Post about her recurring role on "Matador," what it's like to be on set, and how she's carrying on her family's Nobel Prize-winning legacy.
Filmmakers Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez Talk Cinematography on El Rey's 'The Director's Chair'

What do filmmakers Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have in common? What do filmmakers Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have in common -- besides their love of grindhouse, spaghetti westerns and kung fu and other films that have generated a cult-like following. But renegade filmmaker Rodriguez wanted to delve further and see what makes his pal and fellow collaborator Tarantino tick, feel alive on set and determine what makes the cut.

Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson Are Fierce Femme Fatales in Sin City Sequel

Nearly a decade ago, Frank Miller's graphic novels came to life on the big screen with the release of "Sin City" in 2005, starring the beautiful and talented Latina actresses Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson. Now the women are back at it again as fierce Latina femme fatales, co-starring with Eva Green ("300: Rise of an Empire") in Miller's and co-director Robert Rodriguez's "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," which hits theaters Aug. 22.
Director Robert Rodriguez and Director Guillermo del Toro

Robert Rodriguez Goes in Depth with Guillermo del Toro on 'El Rey Network Presents: The Director's Chair'

Robert Rodriguez, the founder and chairman of the English-language network El Rey, sat down with Mexican director and longtime friend Guillermo del Toro for "El Rey Network Presents: The Director's Chair," which will air Wednesday, July 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on El Rey Network.
Matador's Gabriel Luna

'Matador' Premiere Episode Review, Recap & Spoilers: El Rey's Adrenaline-Fueled, Unexpectedly Funny Soccer-Spy Thriller Channel's Grindhouse Flair

"Matador" is An action-packed soccer-themed spy thriller mixed with sex appeal, a bit of comedy, campiness and cringe-worthy moments, a loving Latino family, a few sinister characters and high Hollywood production quality.
The Cast of

El Rey Picks Up Roberto Orci's 'Matador' for Second Season Ahead of Premiere

"This is the best time ever for Latinos and Hispanics to try and get into this business...not try, succeed. The studios finally get it. It's finally on the front page news, it's finally on the front of Variety and The New York Times. The studios and the TV networks get it," writer/producer Roberto Orci told Latin Post during the premiere of "Matador," the second scripted TV series, which was just renewed for Season 2 on director Robert Rodriguez's English-language network, El Rey.
Director Robert Rodriguez and Creator/Executive Producer Roberto Orci

'Matador' Co-Creator Roberto Orci on the Complexity of Immigration Reform

This week, director Robert Rodriguez drew an A-list crowd to his home in Austin, Texas, including several prominent Latino players in the entertainment industry like writer and producer Roberto Orci, Voto Latino's Rosario Dawson, actress Jessica Alba, singer Demi Lovato and actor Danny Trejo, as well as President Barack Obama, who had a jam-packed day that included fundraisers in Denver and Dallas.

Roberto Orci Reinvents the American Hero, Busts Stereotypes with 'Latin James Bond' in 'Matador' on Robert Rodriguez's El Rey Network

Writer, producer and science-fiction guru Roberto Orci is the literary and cinematic mastermind behind some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, from "Mission Impossible 3," to "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," and "Star Trek." He hopes to present a new face for the American hero with Tony "Matador" Bravo (portrayed by Gabriel Luna), who uses his cover as a professional soccer player to execute covert missions for the CIA in his latest 13-episode TV series, "Matador" on Rodriguez's English-language, Latino-centric network, El Rey.
Matador's Gabriel Luna

Robert Rodriguez and El Rey Network Score Big With 'Matador' TV Series Featuring Soccer Player Turned CIA Agent

With the 2014 World Cup underway, it's the perfect time to kick off El Rey Network's next original show, "Matador," follows popular soccer star Tony "Matador" Bravo, played by Gabriel Luna. Matador has stellar moves on and off the field and is a skilled covert operative executing missions for the CIA.

El Rey Network Shows & Schedule: 'Matador' Series Trailer Released; Show Will Premiere in July [Watch]

He's a soccer player, but he's also a spy. He's Matador.
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