Two tax breaks for undocumented families are included in the latest budget plan of the Democrats in Sacramento which also includes health coverage for older immigrants no matter what their immigration status is.

Should Undocumented Families be Given Tax Breaks? Here’s What Latino Leaders Say

Two tax incentives for undocumented families are included in the Democrats' latest budget plan in Sacramento. Also part of the proposed budget is health coverage for older immigrants regardless of immigration status.
Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom Reveals Budget Proposal Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Governor of California reveals how he plans to close the $54 billion deficit brought about by the coronavirus.
Venezuela's Health Crisis Worsens

Spanish-Speaking, Asian-American, Disabled Medi-Cal Enrollees Less Likely to Access Doctors

Medi-Cal enrollees who are Spanish-speakers, Asian-American, ill and the disabled are most likely to face difficulty when searching for a doctor who will accept them as a patient, according to a recently published study.

Undocumented Immigrants Deal With Limited Healthcare Options

Despite the recently launched Affordable Care Act providing limited access for undocumented immigrants to Medicaid and private health insurance companies, the federal law prohibits them from those programs.
Affordable Care Act health fair

Obamacare Website & Deadline: Californians Rush To Sign Up For Obamacare Before Deadlin

As the enrollment for Affordable Care Act coverage nears its Monday deadline, an increase in California citizens have been in a race to get through the website's troublesome problems that have plagued it since first launching last fall.
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