CDC Advisers Recommend These Groups as First Ones to Receive Coronavirus Vaccine

Federal Government to Pay for Future COVID-19 Vaccine

Medicare and Medicaid will pay for any COVID-19 vaccine authorized or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the future, according to a new policy announced Wednesday.
U.S. President Trump speaks about negotiations with pharmaceutical companies over the cost of insulin, at the White House in Washington

Trump Announces Plans to Cut Insulin Prices at $35 For Medicare Enrollees

Medicare recipients may pay less for a month-long supply of insulin starting 2021.
Because of the pandemic, Texans have landed in the sporadic health care safety net of the state, where advocates are claiming they could be removed from mental and physical health services as they encounter the economic tension of a public health crisis.

What's Next After The Pandemic? The Jobless Slip through the Health Care Safety Net of Texas

As the country combats the pandemic, millions are struggling with their employment status. There are currently more than a million people in Texas who are struggling with health care over the loss of the employment-based-insurance coverage. Many are awaiting the reopening to find jobs and regain their financial losses. Businesses are hopeful as they slowly open their doors to the public.
The uninsured workers’ largest categories including cashiers, restaurant cooks, and servers, drivers, retail salespersons, and hotel workers, among others are the ones susceptible to COVID-19.

Combating COVID-19 Without Health Insurance? Help Is On the Way

People who tend to work in low-income service jobs are the ones possibly exposed to COVID-19, but they don't have health insurance to cover the treatment should they become infected.

In the Eye of the Storm: COVID-19 Puts Strain on US Health Insurance Programs

The global pandemic imposed new challenges on Medicaid as more newly unemployed Americans sign up for health coverage.
Donald Trump health care agenda

Trump Health Care Agenda Might Not Work. Here’s Why

The Trump health care agenda has been revealed but a lot of critics say while its aim is noble, the new plan could backfire.
Food Stamps

Trump's budget would make cuts to food stamps and Medicaid

The new budget proposal would slash more than $800 billion over the next 10 years on funds for Medicaid
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare-for-All' Plan Estimated at $1.4 Trillion Per Year

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders disclosed his “Medicare-for-all” plan, which the Vermont senator says will save the country $6 trillion over the next 10 years.
Venezuela's Health Crisis Worsens

Spanish-Speaking, Asian-American, Disabled Medi-Cal Enrollees Less Likely to Access Doctors

Medi-Cal enrollees who are Spanish-speakers, Asian-American, ill and the disabled are most likely to face difficulty when searching for a doctor who will accept them as a patient, according to a recently published study.

A Breakdown of Medicaid Expansion By State

California's low-income residents are most likely to benefit from Medicaid expansion. While states like Texas, Virginia and Wyoming don't allow qualified immigrants to receive Medicaid.
Mercedes Betaneo (L), a pharmacy technician for Walgreens, sells medicine at the Walgreens pharmacy to Christine Matthews who was using the insurance she purchased under the Affordable Care Act to buy the medicine after she couldn't renew her other insura

Latino Health Insurance Rates Up Ahead of Obamacare Signup Deadline

The Affordable Care Act has had a profound effect on the historically underinsured Latino community, as the percentage of uninsured American Latinos lacking health coverage, ages 19 to 64, dropped from 36 percent to 23 percent between summer 2013 and spring 2014.
Obamacare deadline extended for

Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Prompts Increase in Hospital Emergency Visits

With the Affordable Care Act implemented and the direct expansion of Medicaid, hospital emergency rooms have seen an increase in patients seeking medical attention.
Health Care

Obamacare Explained: ACA Open Enrollment Is Over, But Here's What You Need to Know About Your Healthcare Now

March 31 has come and gone, and the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period has concluded. Now there are 8 million newly insured individuals, many of whom are confused about what this means for them.

Undocumented Immigrants Deal With Limited Healthcare Options

Despite the recently launched Affordable Care Act providing limited access for undocumented immigrants to Medicaid and private health insurance companies, the federal law prohibits them from those programs.
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