Protesters at a ‘femicide rally’ in Zocalo, Mexico City, one day after International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2019.

Murdering of Women is Mexico’s Other Epidemic

Spanish professor Alejandra Marquez Guajardo said, "Femicides are a major public health concern" for the country, too, and this one, she continued, will even stay longer the pandemic almost the entire world has now.
Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Mexico City

Mounting Cases of Domestic Violence: A Chilling Consequence of Quarantine

Women’s rights activists and abuse analysts believe that people are now more aware and alert to the abuse at home.
Mexico Police Station

Trans Woman Speaks For Justice

Trans woman now fights for justice as her trans women friends were murdered

AMLO’s Response to the Historic Femicide Protest

The day after thousands of women marched, the statements from AMLO came.
Protest against gender-based violence after the murder of seven-year-old Fatima Cecilia Aldrighett, outside the National Palace in Mexico City

Mexican President Focuses on Raffle, Not Femicide Protest

AMLO’s failure to focus his attention on the country’s “femicide crisis” gave rise to a women’s strike to make their absence felt.
women Striking during international women's day

Mexico: A Day Without Women, Did It Make a Difference?

Thousands of women joined the strike in protest of the rising number of gender violence in the country.
Songwriter Vivir Quintana reacts before a rehearsal of

Song Without Fear: A Songwriter’s Cry to End Femicide in Mexico

A feminist hymn was written to protest the widespread violence and brutal killings of women in Mexico.
Women protesting violence and femicide

Mexican Women Urge Government to Put A Stop To Violence And Femicide

Hundred of women in Mexico are now protesting over the government's empty promises to end violence against women.
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