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Latina Feminista Juliana Britto Says Being a Millennial and a Feminist Go Hand-in-Hand

The Brazilian-American blogger and frequent contributor to Feministing spoke with Latin Post about her identity as a Latina, a millennial and a feminist, confessing that while she's enjoyed watching the popularization of feminism among young people, feminism has become "watered down, or reduced to social media soundbites."

Spanish Ads Resonate With Bilingual Millenials Even More Than English Ads

Bilingual Hispanics ages 18-29 have unparalleled spending power and influence in America, which is why top marketers are scrambling to connect with them.

The Evolution of Motherhood: Millennial Mothers Using Social Media, Smartphone Apps & Tech to Ease Parenting

Motherhood is evolving with the times; millennial mothers — broadly defined as those born between 1980 and 1994 — are discovering tips and tactics for mothering using social media, smartphones, and any device with easy Internet access.
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