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T-Mobile and AT&T May Owe You Money After Nine Figure Settlement Deal

T-Mobile and AT&T May Owe You Money After Reaching A Nine Figure Settlement With Customers
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World Cup 2014 Boosts Digital Advertising Spending in Brazil: Nearly $5 Billion in Computer, Mobile Ad Buying Projected by 2018

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup, host country Brazil has seen an increase in digital advertisement spending, and it is projected to more than double through 2018. According to eMarketer, 2014 will see $2.88 billion in advertising spending on all digital platforms including desktop computers and mobile devices.
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Smartphone Sales Worldwide Exceeding Projections: Emerging Markets, China Help Boost Global Mobile Shipments

Worldwide smartphone shipments are exceeding initial expectations courtesy of emerging markets and China.
Stylish, Functional and Versatile are the Samsung Galaxy Series' trademark qualities

Mobile Phone Connections in Chile Stall in 2013 After Yearly Continuous Growth

When observing the developing countries in Latin America, most analysts look for Argentina, Brazil, or Mexico, but Chile may be providing new ground for the mobile market.
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Verizon Communications Invested Billions in Telecommunications Infrastructure in 2013 in Several US States

Verizon Communications revealed it spent billions on improving wireline telecommunications infrastructure in 2013 in various states.

Which is the Best Android Phone?: Top Smartphone Specs and Price Comparison Including Nexus 5, HTC One and More

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Android phones these days. A few years ago, Android phones were considered to be the cheaper version of iPhones and BlackBerrys, but with an increase in the number of companies developing Android phones, the choices have become a lot more interesting, but, which one is the best?

Apple vs. Samsung Sales: Samsung Tablets Increase By 336 Percent in 2013 as Apple Inc. Market Share Drops, Says Gartner

Despite the growth of iPad sales, Apple Inc. suffered a double-digit market share percentage loss, and Samsung capitalized on the opportunity.

Latinos Use Mobile and Social Networking More Than Other Americans, So Why is There a Lack of Hispanic News Coverage?

The closure of Latino news sites questions the strategy and viability of targeting Hispanics with their own sites compared to reading English-language or general market news sources. Considering that Hispanics are such a large and growing market of United States media consumers, what went wrong?
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Mobile Advertising Trends: 60 Percent of Hispanics Use Mobile Phones for Internet Access, Heavy Spending Power, Says Report

A report focusing on African American and Hispanic demographics found the "importance" of multicultural marketing by mobile advertisers.

Looking to Video Chat? Here the Best Alternatives to Skype

As social media continues to grow and connected devices become more ubiquitous in everyday life, video chatting is starting to become a primary method of communication.
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Mexico Tops Smartphone Market in Latin America With 50 Percent Growth in 2013, Becomes Interest for Mobile Ad Marketers

Smartphone usage in Mexico has led to the country become an interest to mobile marketers.
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How Will Nintendo Respond to Its Disastrous Wii U Release?

The Wii U has been an unmitigated disaster for Nintendo.

Apple News & Rumors: Tech Giant To Launch Mobile Payment System

System would allow users to pay for tangible goods as they would use iTunes
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Latest Tech News 2014: Top Five Tech Gadgets To Anticipate In 2014 [WATCH]

2013 was a huge year for tech releases and people are getting excited about what is in store for us in 2014

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Events and Schedule: BBC Prepares Olympic TV Schedule & Mobile App

A BBC staff of 95 people will combine to provide hundreds of hours of coverage of the Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia in February.
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Nexus 5 Release Date, Price, Specs Rumors: Google Leaks Photos on Play Store, $349 for 16GB Model [PIC]

The Nexus 5 has since been pulled down from the site, but when it was up it said that the price would be $349 for the 16 GB phone.
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