Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Caller ID, Snapchat's Journalistic Ambitions, and Twitter's New Critic

This week in social media, Facebook officially announced a caller ID feature for the Messenger app. Meanwhile, one of Twitter's earliest billionaire supporters began criticizing the company, Snapchat invested in a shopping app while preparing for the 2016 election season, and Pinterest unveiled its first "Cinematic pins" -- essentially Gif-like promoted pins that animate as users scroll down.
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Google Reportedly Adding Buy Button to Mobile Product Searches

Google will reportedly launch a buy button for users searching products through their mobile devices, thrusting the search giant into the online marketplace wars against behemoths such as eBay and Amazon.
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US Latino Millennials Consume Media in Both English and Spanish Languages, More Open to Mobile Ads Than Non-Latinos

Hispanic millenials in the United States represent 21 percent of the country's overall millennial population, and the former demographic consume as much digital technology as their peers.

Facebook Announces a Less Intrusive, But More Connected Direction

At its F8 developer's conference on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled new products and policies geared towards making the world's largest social media site feel less intrusive, as well as making it more inclusive to mobile developers. The changes are part of Zuckerberg's efforts to shift the company towards a more "mature" outlook and attitude.
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Mobile Advertising Trends: 60 Percent of Hispanics Use Mobile Phones for Internet Access, Heavy Spending Power, Says Report

A report focusing on African American and Hispanic demographics found the "importance" of multicultural marketing by mobile advertisers.
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Mexico Tops Smartphone Market in Latin America With 50 Percent Growth in 2013, Becomes Interest for Mobile Ad Marketers

Smartphone usage in Mexico has led to the country become an interest to mobile marketers.
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