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US Latino Millennials Consume Media in Both English and Spanish Languages, More Open to Mobile Ads Than Non-Latinos

Hispanic millenials in the United States represent 21 percent of the country's overall millennial population, and the former demographic consume as much digital technology as their peers.
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UNESCO 'Reading in the Mobile Era' Report Reveals Benefits of Mobile Phones in Developing Countries

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released a report consisting of an analysis of over 4,000 surveys in seven developing countries on reading from mobile devices.
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Mobile Phone Connections in Chile Stall in 2013 After Yearly Continuous Growth

When observing the developing countries in Latin America, most analysts look for Argentina, Brazil, or Mexico, but Chile may be providing new ground for the mobile market.
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Mexico Tops Smartphone Market in Latin America With 50 Percent Growth in 2013, Becomes Interest for Mobile Ad Marketers

Smartphone usage in Mexico has led to the country become an interest to mobile marketers.
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