Puerto Rico's La Parranda & Other Navidad Celebrations that Stem from Spain, Guatemala and Mexico

Navidad sings carols of no-holds-barred celebration for Latinos. The season of snow, love, wonderment, and family togetherness promises a number of opportunities for Latino families to interact, reconnect and spend time over full plates of roasted pig, tamales, arroz con grandules and tostones. From nation to nation, the celebration is different, but some things remain the same: different items tend to cook on the stove, and different songs are generally sung in rejoice, but the generosity, the spirit, the nourishment and the respect for ritual remain the same. La Parranda, Misa De Gallo, Las Posadas, and Carta al Nino Dios are just four examples of how nations of Latinos celebrate during the holiday season.

Colombian Aguardiente, the Festive 'Fire Water' that Could Burn a Hole Right Through Your Navidad

Ever wonder what it might be like to be a fire-breathing dragon? Well if you take a shot of Colombian aguardiente, otherwise known as "fire water," you'll be sure to find out. It's holiday season and chances are if you're Colombian, or if you know someone who is, you may have had the fiery 'pleasure' of taking a shot of Colombia's distinctive liquor, aguardiente, a clear, anise-flavored liquid made of processed sugarcane that practically burns a hole right through you.
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