U.S. Navy SEALs join US-Cyprus rescue

U.S. Navy SEALs Who Seek Religious Vaccine Exemptions Harassed and Threatened - Source

U.S. Navy SEALs seeking religious vaccine exemptions were allegedly forced to take the vaccine, a source disclosed.
Colombia Navy Seizes $60 Million Worth of Cocaine Found Inside a Semi-Submersible Vessel

Colombia Navy Seizes $60 Million Worth of Cocaine Found Inside a Semi-Submersible Vessel

One of Colombia's Navy operations resulted in the seizure of 1.8 tonnes of cocaine being transported onboard a semi-submersible vessel in the south Pacific.

Colombia Coast Guard Seizes 5.4 Tonnes of Cocaine Worth $185 Million

After working with their counterparts in Panama and the United States, Colombian authorities seized 5.4 tonnes of cocaine worth $185 million, Colombia's Navy stated Wednesday.

Iranian Speedboats Conduct Manuevers Close to US Warships Despite Warnings

Navy officials were reportedly approached by 11 Iranian speedboats in the Persian Gulf while conducting exercises on Wednesday.
New Peruvian Training Vessel Largest in Latin America

New Peruvian Training Ship Unión Largest of its Kind in Latin America

The Peruvian Navy on Jan. 27 commissioned its first-ever training vessel, Unión, which will be the largest such sailing ship in Latin America.

Virginia Navy Base Placed on Lockdown Following Stabbing; Manhunt Underway

The attacker stabbed an acquaintance and remains on the loose but has been identified as Wilbur Harwell.
Military Ammunition

Defense Report Reveals Possibly Billions of Dollars in Wasted Ammunition

The Pentagon will destroy more than $1 billion worth of ammunition such as bullets and missiles meant for U.S. military forces.
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