Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida

Orlando Shooting Massacre: Latino Groups Unite, Grieve for LGBTQ Latinos Killed at Pulse Nightclub

Following the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, Latino civic and politically-engaged groups have come out to grieve with victims of the LGBTQ community.
DACA DAPA immigration immigrant protest

DAPA, DACA+ Executive Action SCOTUS Hearing Unites Latino, Immigrant Rights Leaders in D.C.

On Monday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments from supporters and opponents of President Barack Obama's 2014 immigration executive actions, all while Latino and immigrant rights groups rallied outside in support of the deferred action programs.
President Obama introduces Judge Merrick Garland

Latino Leaders Argue Senate Blocking Merrick Garland's SCOTUS Process Impacts Latino Community

Latino lawmakers, advocates and legal groups have welcomed President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and called on Congress for a fair nomination process.
Protesters and onlookers gather outside Supreme Court building.

Latino Leaders: Senate Must Commit to Obama's SCOTUS Nominee's Hearing and Vote

A diverse range of Latino leaders have pressed the U.S. Senate to commit to hearing and voting on whoever President Barack Obama nominates for the Supreme Court.
vote voting election booth ballot

Coalition of 40 National Latino Groups Challenge Presidential Candidates With Diverse Policies

Forty Latino organizations have challenged all U.S. presidential candidates to respond to a wide-range agenda curated for the Latino community.
U.S. Border Patrol immigration immigrants

Top Issues Latino Leaders Want Obama to Address in Final SOTU Speech

President Barack Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address tonight, and Latino leaders are expecting him to discuss the issues affecting the community.
Latino Voters

Supreme Court Case May Risk 55 Percent of Latinos' Representation

Latino politicians and advocacy groups have urged the U.S. Supreme Court to rule in favor of a case that may affect the almost 55 percent of the Latino population.

Hispanic Groups Call for Improved Latino, English-Learner Focus in Education Civil Rights Bill

Dozens of Latino advocacy groups are requesting congressional and Obama administration leaders to update the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to reflect the Latino community.

Hispanic Leadership Agenda: Court 'Heartless' for Blocking DAPA, DACA

Hispanic Leadership Agenda: Fifth Circuit Court 'Heartless' for Blocking Obama's DAPA, DACA
Paul Ryan House of Representatives

Latinos, Immigrant Rights Advocates Cautiously Optimistic About Paul Ryan

Latino organizations appear optimistic about new House Speaker Paul Ryan supporting top Latino issues.
ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement

40 Latino Groups Urge Senate to Oppose Anti-Immigration Sanctuary City Bill

Forty Latino organizations have called on the U.S. Senate to oppose an anti-immigration bill that would cut many U.S. jurisdictions from federal grants and funds.
Martin O'Malley

National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, Martin O'Malley to Talk Latino Advancement

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley's Latino outreach continues as the former governor meets the executive board of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda.
Hector Sanchez

40 National Latino Organizations Agree End of Birthright Citizenship Creates 'Underclass' of Latinos

Proposals limiting U.S. citizenship to select individuals are a serious threat to Latinos' civil rights, according a coalition of 40 Latino organizations to all presidential candidates.
Donald Trump

Republicans Presidential Candidates Rally for Birthright Citizenship's End, But Latinos Fight Back

Republican presidential candidates have questioned the 14th Amendment, which allows U.S.-born children the automatic right to citizenship, but prominent Latinos and Latino-based organizations are criticizing calls to change the law.
Donald Trump

Most Latinos Hold 'Very Negative' View of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Based on polling data, most Latinos have a negative view of real estate mogul Donald Trump, one of the Republican presidential candidates.
Hector Sanchez

TURNOUT: Latino Vote 'More Critical, Decisive Than Ever,' Says National Hispanic Leadership Agenda Chair Hector Sanchez

The chairman of a coalition encompassing 39 leading national and regional Latino organizations said the Latino vote will play a more influential role in the presidential election race.
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