Grace Parra

'White Guy Talk Show' Host Grace Parra Brings Tongue-in-Cheek Humor & Diversity to Fuse (EXCLUSIVE)

For Grace Parra, a Houston, Texas born, Mexican-American comedian, writer, actor and co-host of Fuse's "White Guy Talk Show," there's no need to take yourself so seriously. Instead she wants America to lighten up and have some laughs when it comes to diversity, politics, immigration and religion -- because God knows life can be a drag if we don't use our sense of humor!

Comedian Erik Rivera Talks Embracing Latino Culture, Upcoming Eva Longoria-Produced Sitcom, and NUVOtv Special 'Erik Rivera: I'm No Expert'

On Nov. 8, comedian Erik Rivera's first stand-up special will air on NUVOtv. With a reputation at famous comedy clubs like Gotham Comedy Club and The Laugh Factory, appearances on landmark shows and an NBC series on the way, "Erik Rivera: I'm No Expert" is just in time to introduce the comedian to those who haven't yet gotten the chance to catch a glimpse of this rising star.

Ice-T and Wife Coco Talk Rapper's Return to Music, Hugh Hefner and More on NUVOtv's 'Mario Lopez: One on One' [Watch]

On Thursday, Mario Lopez's discussion with original gangster Ice-T and his wife of over 10 years, Coco Austin will air on NUVOtv on his interview series "Mario Lopez: One on One."

Gabriel Iglesias Talks 'The Fluffy Movie' and New Protégée Gina Brillon: Rising Stand-Up Comedian to Star in New NUVOtv Special

Still riding the wave from his first theatrical stand-up concert movie, comedian Gabriel Iglesias has found a protégée in up-and-coming stand-up comedian Gina Brillon and will bring her to NUVOtv on Sept. 27 with a special titled "Gabriel Iglesias presents Gina Brillon: Pacifically Speaking."

Creator Mark Landsman Gives an Exclusive Preview of Wednesday's Episode of 'Los Jets': The All-Latino High School Soccer Team Juggles Immigration Issues and the Playoffs [Video]

The next chapter in NUVOtv's "Los Jets" six-part docu-series airs Wednesday. How will coach Paul Cuadros inspire his high school soccer team, a team made of boys already dealing with various immigration issues, to excel in the playoffs?
Barack Obama White House Jose Diaz Balart

Latinos in Media: Are Jose Díaz-Balart's New Role on MSNBC and NUVOtv Changing Latinos’ Portrayal on TV?

With the U.S. Latino population projected to hit 131 million by 2050, the representation of Latinos on the media has been changing notably on cable television.
Jennifer Lopez NUVO TV

Jennifer Lopez, Cast of NUVOtv's "Los Jets" Talks About Filming and Purpose of New Soccer Reality Show

Actress, singer and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez spoke about her latest business venture as executive producer of NUVOtv’s latest reality show about a high school soccer team made up mostly of Latinos known as “Los Jets.”
los jets

Director Mark Landsman Humanizes the Immigration Debate With NUVOtv's 'Los Jets': Docu-Series Follows North Carolina High School Latinos Fighting for Victory, Acceptance

With all the talk surrounding U.S. immigration reform, few people in the media, elected offices or public square have had the opportunity to look intimately at the people immigration legislation affects. "Los Jets," the first docu-series from NUVOtv's Nu Point of View franchise, aims to fix this by providing an in-depth look at an all-Latino North Carolina high school soccer team. The players deal with discrimination and their or their loved ones' potential deportation while simultaneously fighting to succeed as average American teens.
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Aspiring Latino Filmmakers Shine This Fourth of July on NUVOtv's 'Nu Point of View' Summer Showcase With Immigration-Themed Movies

This Fourth of July, the fireworks-filled sky won't be the only place find great entertainment. NUVOtv's series "Nu Point of View" will be presenting its Summer Showcase for Aspiring Filmmakers. The three-hour block features three films from budding Latino creators all centered around the hot button theme of immigration.
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Mario Lopez and Wife Courtney Talk NUVOtv's 'Love & Salsa,' First Meeting and Having Another Child

NUVOtv's new dancing-based reality dating show "Love & Salsa" unites Mario Lopez and wife Courtney Lopez in the office. That combined with the program's sexy theme make for a chemistry-filled show.
NUVOtv's Jennifer Lope and Mario Lopez

Jennifer Lopez & Mario Lopez: Can Pop Culture Powerhouses Attract Acculturated Latinos to NUVOtv?

How do you get into the mindset of the modern Latino? Hire some of the most successful Latino Americans who live, breathe and consume entertainment and pop culture, like Jennifer Lopez and Mario Lopez.

NUVOtv Upfront Promises to Bring Untold Stories of Latino Americans to Cable Television

On Monday night, NUVOtv held its upfront at The Edison Ballroom in New York City. As always, the big question is what does the network have to offer that no one else does? Although its presentation was flashy, many of its upcoming stories are not because they have never told been told through an outlet like this cable television network.

Jennifer Lopez's NUVOtv Scoops Up Bloody Drama 'Dexter'

Dexter, Showtime’s eight season-long homicidal thriller, has returned to television, appearing on Jennifer Lopez’s NUVOtv. Fans and newcomers to the show will have another opportunity to experience the bloodshed and drama through syndicated re-airings beginning Monday, January 13th. The series’ Latino cast members expressed their excitement about the broadcasting of the series on the Latino network.
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