Mexico: Oaxaca Declares Beauty Contests as 'Symbolic Violence' Against Women, Bans Use of Public Funds For Such Events

Mexico: Oaxaca Bans Use of Public Funds for Beauty Contests

Mexico's Oaxaca state has banned the use of public funds in beauty contests after the local Congress labeled such events as "symbolic violence" against women.
A police officer stands near a burning police vehicle after demonstrators set it on fire during a protest

US Teenager Killed by Officer with a Shotgun In Latest Display of Mexican Police Brutality

A 16-year-old footballer youth was shot and killed by a police officer while he was out to buy soft drinks for a gathering. His case sparked outrage following numerous reports of police abuse and brutality.
Palm Leaves Face Mask

Indigenous Artisans Resort to Making Face Masks From Palm Leaves as Source of Income

While the demand for hats, fans, cords, earrings, baskets, and other handmade products has dropped tremendously during the health crisis, indigenous artisans are resorting to face mask production.

Shoeless Indian Boys from Mexico Sweep Basketball Tournament Barefoot

On Wednesday, "the barefoot mice from Mexico," as they were called, became this year's champions of the International Festival of Mini-Basketball in Argentina, after the Trique Indian boys from Mexico blazed through the courts without even wearing shoes.
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