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Diversity in Tech: Obama's TechHire Kicks Into Gear With $100M Grant Competition

As big Silicon Valley firms up their efforts to diversify their mostly white, male workforces, the Obama administration's TechHire initiative has begun taking applications for grants from a $100 million fund to help boost the development of IT skills in overlooked communities.
Joe Biden

VP Joe Biden Supports Obama Administration’s $1 Billion Request to Help Central America Countries

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's engagement with Latin American countries has been well-documented, and he is furthering the region's support by reiterating the Obama administration request to Congress for $1 billion for aid.

U.S. Announce Investments in Energy Security for Caribbean Countries During First-Ever Caribbean Energy Summit

The Obama administration recently hosted the first Caribbean Energy Security Summit to support the region's improved governance, access to finance and increased donor coordination for the energy sector.
Barack Obama

White House Flaunts 'Fact Sheet' on Obama Administration's Accomplishments for the Latino Community: From Immigration, Health Care and Economics

President Barack Obama has had a turbulent few months with the Latino community due to inaction from Congress on immigration reform and his executive action delay. Despite the setbacks in Washington, D.C., the White House wants to remind the Latino community of the Obama administration’s accomplishments.
Prime Minister Medvedev and President Putin

Russian Prime Minister Says New Sanctions Could Set Russian Relations Back to Cold War Era

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Thursday that the new sanctions on Russia could set Russian relations back to the 1980s.
U.S. Supreme Court

Obama Administration Considers Other Options to Provide Contraception to Female Employees

The Obama administration is weighing other options to provide contraception insurance to women in the wake of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision.

Justice Department Releases Memo That Uses 9/11 Law to Justify U.S. Drone Killings

A secret memo was released that provides justification for the drone killings of U.S. citizens.
Arizona Border Fence

Obama Administration to End Fight Against Portion of Arizona Immigration Bill?

The Obama administration said Wednesday that it is willing to drop the lawsuit against the 'racial profiling' section of Arizona's immigration bill if Arizona agrees to halt specific practices.

Obama Plans New Carbon Emission Reduction Rule for Power Plants

On Monday the president is expected to reveal a new rule through an executive order that would essentially reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.
Attorney General Eric Holder

Obama Administration Set to Release Memo That Approved Targeted Drone Killings

The Obama administration has announced that it will disclose a secret memo that approved targeted drone killings.
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel in Mexico City

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Travels To Mexico To Improve Relations, Reaffirm American Support

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel traveled to Mexico City to bolster defense ties between the United States and Mexico.

Immigration Report Reveals 68,000 "Criminal Aliens" Deported Last Year

Last year Immigration and Customs Enforcement rounded up 193,000 foreign nationals with criminal convictions and charges but deported only 125,000 of them while releasing 68,000, "Fox News" reported.
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U.S. Government's Office of Personnel Management Employees Still File Personal Records in Deep Underground Caverns

About 230 feet below the Pennsylvania surface is an underground limestone mine just north of Pittsburgh, which serves as the workplace to 600 government employees and a prime location to house 28,000 file cabinets of federal paper records.

GOP Latino Outreach Skirts Immigration, Focuses on Education, Economy and Healthcare

The Republican Party has spent $10 million to gain the interest of the Hispanic population, inundating the public with Spanish-language advertisements that aim to incite opposition to the nation's Affordable Care Act, unseat Democrats, and ensure that a member of the GOP sits in the Oval Office after the next election. The conservative push to disparage Obama over the ACA and immigration overshadows the GOP's efforts to assist the Hispanic community -- and exposes presidential and a desire to shake immigration as a topic.

Poll: Americans Unhappy With President Obama And His Administration’s Handling Of Issues They Deem Top Priority For 2014

According to a recent poll the majority of American voters say they are unhappy with how the president is handling what they believe are the highest priority issues facing the country. However, if Obama can rearrange his priorities and fix the current situation in a few key areas pollsters say his approval ratings may increase for 2014.
Jose Manuel Godinez-Samperio

Undocumented Dreamers Struggle to Become Lawyers

Black's Law dictionary indicates that a lawyer is a person "learned in the law," such as a solicitor, an attorney, a counselor, or an individual who practices law. Lawyering often occurs in courtrooms, during trails, and in front of jurors. Though, the role of lawyer varies across jurisdiction; and, apparently, the ability to become a lawyer depends on legal status in the United States, even if a non-citizen has met every requirement asked of him, including being granted deferred actions regarding his legal status.
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