Maintaining Your Weight To Prevent Severe COVID-19 Complications

Maintaining your Weight to Avoid Severe COVID-19 Complications

Many Mexicans who have lost the battle against COVID-19 were obese . Read on to find out how this can be avoided.
Mexicans Are At Higher Risk For COVID-19

Are Residents of Mexico Are At Higher Risk for COVID-19?

Mexicans are at a two percent higher risk for COVID-19 than anyone else across the world, according to a recent article.
Fitness And Fatness On The Government Agenda

Will Taxing Obese People Do Any Good?

A study revealed that it could work if the measure is framed properly.

Could #MeatlessMonday Curb Childhood Obesity?

Could Meatless Monday help to curb childhood obesity in our nation's elementary and high schools? National obesity rates continue to surge despite cognizance about the importance of an active lifestyle and healthy eating; perhaps a weekly plant-based meal and food education could be the answer.
Childhood Obesity

Extremely Stressed Latino Parents Twice as Likely to Raise Obese Children: Study

Stress and anxiety is associated with obesity in adults, but interestingly, it can also instigate obesity in the children of severely stressed adults. In fact, new research demonstrates that extremely frazzled Latino parents are nearly twice as likely to raise obese children.
Mexican scientists develop

Brands and Marketers Disproportionately Targeting Hispanic and Black Youth: Report

Nutritionally-poor and unhealthy snacks have become increasingly present in television advertisements within the past five years, despite promises to regulate youth exposure to sugary, high-calorie food. A new report on marketing and snack food nutrition has found that Hispanic and black youth are disproportionate viewers of ads promoting unhealthy savory and sweet snacks.

Cutting Sugar Could Mean Weight Loss, Healthier Lives in as Little as 10 Days: Study

Decreasing the amount sugar in obese children's diet could reduce diseases associated with metabolic syndrome in as few as 10 days, according to a new study. The research suggests that sugar calories may be "metabolically harmful," impacting weight and health more than other calories.
Eating speed doesn't help the overweight.

Alzheimer's Disease: Obesity in Middle Age Increases Dementia Risk, Study Says

Women and men who carry extra weight during their midlife risk developing Alzheimer's disease sooner than those who maintain a healthy weight at 50 years old, according to research published by The National Institutes of Health.

Few Obese Individuals Will Reach Normal Weight or Keep Off Lost Pounds: Study

The American Journal of Public Health published a report on weight loss and obesity, which asserts that very few obese individuals will reach a normal weight or keep of fany lost pounds if they manage to lose the weight.
Health Experts: Exercise Means More than Healthier Life, It Can Alter Your DNA

Diabetes Drug Surpresses Appetite, Reduces Body Weight and Improves Metabolic Control

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published findings that revealed if Liraglutide, a diabetes drug, in combination with diet and exercise, could help obese individuals to reduce their body weight and improve metabolic control.

How Coconut Oil, New Heating Process Could Cut Calories in Rice by Half

Scientists have established a new way to cook rice, which reduces the number of calories by at least half with the use of coconut oil--and this could subsequently shrink obesity rates.

Challenging Obesity in the Latino Community is the First Step to Bettering Heart Health

Dietary and lifestyle changes can alter the outcome for many who are leading unhealthy lives, but making that change involves addressing one's relationship with food, exercise, medical care and personal health. Also, it means becoming aware of cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Also, overcoming language barriers, and barriers pertaining to access to transportation and health insurance.

SALUD: Dr. Myriam Torres Discusses Cardiovascular Disease, Heath Issues in the Latino Community

Happy-go-lucky millennials who are mostly athletic or healthy might find themselves suffering from cardiovascular disease when they're in their 50s or 60s, based on slightly elevated cholesterol levels during their younger years.

Could Mexico's Tax on Soda and Sweetened Drinks be the Key to Fighting Obesity, Diabetes in U.S.?

Sweetened beverages, particularly soda, are packed with tablespoons of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. And often, it's paired with "natural" caramel color, phosphoric acid and caffeine. For these reasons, health officials identified soda as a key contributor to obesity and diabetes in adults and children in Mexico.

Spanish and Mexican Researchers Create a Drug to Fight Obesity, Additional Research Shows Breast Cancer is Linked to Obesity

Spanish and Mexican researchers have identified the specific molecule in a protein/protease that prevents the generation of fat cells. Those researchers committed 18 months to the creation of a drug to fight obesity. The timing is impeccable, as two new studies have just unveiled that obesity increases the risk of particular types of breast cancer in African-American and Hispanic women, especially if they're postmenopausal.

Healthcare Professionals Need to Understand Hispanics' Health Better, Says American Heart Association Study

With the U.S. Latino population rapidly increasing, the American Heart Association revealed healthcare professionals will have to better understand their "unique" heart health risks.
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