Chocolate for Diet and Weight Loss? Scientists Say Cocoa May Prevent Obesity, Diabetes

This is great news for chocolate-lovers! Scientists claim that chocolate, which has long been associated with weight gain, can actually help prevent obesity, as well as diabetes.

Mexico Becomes Fatter Than the U.S. After Adopting "American-sized" Portions

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published a study that reveals that Argentina has eradicated national hunger, but it also ranks as the third highest Latin American country in obesity.

Baby Got Back...and Brains: Studies Show That Women With Big Butts Are Smarter

Bubba Sparx who rapped verses about "Ms. New Booty," and Sir Mix-A-Lot who professed, "I like big buts and I cannot lie" may have been on to something, after all. New research suggests that those who "pack much back" may carry more than extra weight, but also greater intelligence and resistance to chronic illnesses.

"Moderately Obese" Children to Receive a Critical Letter Along with Their Candy This Halloween

One North Dakota resident called into the Y94 radio station in Fargo offering some children tricks rather than treats this Halloween. Instead of simply giving candy to every child, children who she considers to be “moderately obese” will get a critical letter in their goodie bag as well.

Latinos are Contracting Diabetes at Twice the Rate of Non-Latino Whites

Latino women and men are finding that diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are disproportionately affecting them. Health care professionals suggest that healthier diets and regular exercise will decrease cases of diabetes and risk of heart failure, but Latinos aren't heeding advice or understanding that those sensuous curves can kill.
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