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Wireless Companies Agreed to Unlocking Phones: Here's How They Stack Up in Practice

Last week a voluntary agreement made between the CTIA Wireless Association and the FCC went into effect, officially marking the point where consumers can insist on having smartphones and tablets they fully paid for unlocked from any of the four major carriers.
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Unlocking Phones and Tablets Now Official -- Here's Everything You Need to Know

Wednesday, Feb. 11, marked an important shift in power to the consumer in the wireless industry. It's the day carriers officially must begin allowing customers to unlock their fully paid phones to use however they like. Here's how.
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Legal Phone Unlocking: Here's How to Take Advantage of It

Now that phone unlocking is legal once again, you might be wondering how it affects you, and what exactly you can do now. It's actually quite complicated, so here's a rundown of what's changed, and how you can take advantage of unlocking.
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