Pope Francis

Pope Francis Is First Pope to Appear in Movie

Pope Francis has been a rather unique bearer of his title. He is unafraid of going against the grain as he looks to reform the Roman Catholic Church.

Pope Francis Elevates 19 Bishops To Cardinal Status

Pope Francis elevates 19 bishops from all over the world to the rank of cardinal and emphasizes the church's role in the world.

Mixing ‘Modernity with Antiquity’: Pope Francis Gains Over 210,000 Twitter Followers in Latin

As Twitter is in the process of testing out a major redesign, that is "very reminiscent "of Facebook and Google +, there are some Twitter users that are embracing an older approach to the popular social media that has nothing to do with a redesign or a re-launch, but a linguistic approach. Pope Francis' is proving that you can embrace technology and at the same time revisit and celebrate the past. After two years, the launch of @Pontifex_ln, the Pope's tweets in Latin are becoming increasingly popular with over 210,000 followers, proving that modern-day people also love to embrace antiquity.

Pope Francis Seeks To Increase Role of Women In Catholic Church

He is against the idea of female priests but wants a larger role for women
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