Quarter of Tijuana, Juarez's Sex Workers Forced Into Sex Work as Minors

Young girls, not just women, are forced into prostitution in Tijuana and Juarez.
New Study: Mexico City's Male Sex Workers At High Risk for HIV, STIs

New Study: Mexico City's Male Sex Workers At High Risk for HIV, STIs

Sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, are extremely prevalent among those in Mexico City's male sex work industry. According to a new study, a lack of protective measures and widespread risky sexual behaviors can be blamed for Mexico City's male sex workers' contraction of diseases.
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Casa Xochiquetzal, a Home to Retired Sex Workers in Mexico City

Carmen Munoz, a retired sex worker, opened Casa Xochiquetzal in 2006. The erection of the new shelter drew Desrus to Mexico City, as Desrus was tasked to photograph Munoz for a magazine. Upon arriving there, Bénédicte Desrus discovered the 26 women who dwelled within and became fascinated with them, and their lives.
New Study: Mexico City's Male Sex Workers At High Risk for HIV, STIs

The Underground Sex Industry & the United States

Evocative Latino brothels, erotic Asian massage parlors, and the merchandising of the female body online and offline are the foundation of the underground commercial sex industry in D.C. and Atlanta; stimulating the local economy. Pun intended.

Hawaii Lawmakers To Allow Undercover Officers To Sleep With Prostitutes

After Honolulu police officers protested part of new state bill that would have prohibited undercover officers from having sex with prostitutes during investigations, state lawmakers have amended the proposed bill.

NYPD Busts 18 in Drug, Sex Ring Before Super Bowl

The New York Police Department is working hard to cut down on crime in the New York City metro area in the time leading up to the Super Bowl

Police Confiscate Condoms for Proof of Prostitution in NYC: Why This Impacts Young, Troubled Latinos

The New York City sex industry isn't glamorous. It's dark, seedy, lurid, and the sex work that the women and, to a lesser degree, men engage in carries the risk of danger, disease, sexual violence, and abduction. There aren't many tools that the sexually exploited demographic can use, but one tool that is at their disposal is condoms. With 50 percent of streetwalkers being African American and 25 percent being Latino, and the average age of prostitute in the United States being between the ages of 12-14 years old; it's ethic teenagers who continue to suffer HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases at a high rate -particularly when police confiscate their condoms, a form harassment that's orchestrated in order to prevent sex workers from turning tricks.

Zumba Instructor Released Early After Serving Six Months In Jail for Prostitution Ring

A Zumba instructor who was involved in an illegal sex work ring has been released after serving six months of a ten-month sentence

The Sex Industry of Brazil and the Tourists Who Take Advantage

Prostitution is legal in Brazil. Recently, 19-year-old Canadian pop star Justin Beiber visited a local brothel, according to reports.

Young Girl's Virginities are Being Sold to the Highest Bidder in Columbia

Medellin, Colombia: a city that once listed murders, drug trafficking and kidnappings as its main attractions, somehow managed to refit its public image. New transit systems, shopping malls and tourism have become mainstay in Medellin -– yet, some of the lurid and salacious elements still remain, like the prostitution of underage girls.

Suzy Favor Hamilton, Prostitute and Former Olympian, Stripped of Award

Suzy Favor Hamilton shocked the sporting world after it came to light that she had been working as a call girl. Now, she is facing the repercussions of that decision.
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