Sandra Cisneros

PALABRAS: Sandra Cisneros, Author of 'The House on Mango Street,' Talks Libraries, Love, Photography, Spirituality, and Tattoos

Cisneros still has an enduring relationship with libraries. While she no longer treks to the library to find herself weighed down by borrowed literature (with much thanks to her assistant, who makes research trips for her), she continues to donate to libraries, contribute time to libraries, persuade young children to acquire library cards and patronizes the gift shop section of the library so she doesn't have to give the books back.
Cultivating Thoughts

Latino Writers Sound Off About Lack of Diversity in Chipotle Mexican Grill's New Literature Campaign

Chipotle Mexican Grill, the international restaurant chain which serves up customized burritos and tacos in an assembly line-fashion, launched an initiative meant to give customers a brief, literary experience by printing short stories on its bags and cups. "Cultivating Thoughts" features writers such as Toni Morrison, Sarah Silverman, Jonathan Safran Foer and George Saunder. But noticeably missing from its lineup are Mexican-American and Latin American writers.
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