Police tape

6 Teenagers Injured Over Aurora Colorado Shooting Near School

At least six teenagers from Aurora, Colorado were injured after a shooting that occurred at a park near their school.
TikTok sign outside Office

TikTok Removes Videos of Viral Trend "Devious Licks" Promoting Students to Steal School Properties

TikTok confirms removing viral trend "devious lick" showing students showcasing school properties they stole.
Marin County Family Home Schools Their Children, As School Across Area Are Closed Due To Coronavirus

California Parents Sue Governor Newsom Over School Reopening

California parents are suing Governor Gavin Newsom to allow schools to open for in-person learning. They said their children are missing out on meaningful education.

Texas Education Agency Issues School Reopening Guidelines

Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced on their website Tuesday guidelines for the reopening of schools in about a month.
School Teacher Reminds Americans and Hipanics Must Accept That Spanglish Is Also A Language

Spanglish Is Also a Valid Dialect, Says Texas Teacher

Meghann Peace, a Spanish teacher at St. Mary's University in San Antonio reminds both Spanish and English native speakers that Spanglish language is just as valid as any other Spanish dialect.
Diversity Makes All Students Feel Safer

Diversity Makes All Kids Feel Safer

Students of all backgrounds are more accepting of others when they attend a diverse school.

Connecticut Man Takes Wrong Kid Home From School

Oops...I took home the wrong kid.

Native Spanish Speaking Students Separated From Other Students

In California, the Los Angeles school district is looking to keep non-English speaking students separate from other children.
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