Junot Diaz

Pulitzer Prize Winner Junot Díaz on Immigration, Assimilation, President Obama and Language

When it comes to reality -- life off of the page -- the MIT professor, Pulitzer Prize winner and compulsive reader Junot Díaz still flourishes. Díaz recently shared his thoughts on immigration, activism, advocacy and cultural identity in an email interview with Latin Post; the author's answers are as bold and astounding as one might expect from the frank novelist. "I'm an activist before I'm a writer. That's about as much as I can say without sounding ridiculous," said Díaz, who's been extremely vocal about the "sentencia" and stateless Haitians in the Dominican Republic.

Junot Diaz & Others React to the Denationalization of Haitians/Haitian-Dominicans in the Dominican Republic

Denationalization of Haitians and Haitian-Dominican citizens in the Dominican Republic has exposed the hate, apathy, and possible xenophobia within the community.
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