John Cena Seeks Revenge on The Authority on WWE Smackdown

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for October 01, 2014: John Cena, Dean Ambrose Get Rematch Against Kane & Randy Orton

Also, WWE United States Champion Sheamus and WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in action, Paige battles Naomi, Big Show apologizes for his actions on "Monday Night Raw," and Cesaro goes one-on-one against R-Truth.

WWE SmackDown Spoilers for August 8: Dean Ambrose Makes Important SummerSlam Decision, Battles Randy Orton

Also, Seth Rollins challenges Dolph Ziggler to a fight, The Big Show teams up with Mark Henry against Rybexl, Paige goes up against Natalya, Rusev tests strength against Big E, and Chris Jercho sends a message to The Wyatts prior to WWE Summerslam.
Seth Rollins & Triple H Make Presence Felt on WWE Smackdown

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for July 4, 2014: Sheamus Defends US Title, Dean Ambrose Battles Randy Orton

Also, Chris Jericho - returning from a hiatus with the WWE - addresses the Wyatts' attack on him, Bo Dallas looks to stay undefeated, Antonio Cesaro takes on Big E Langston, and Damien Sandow battles the Bulgarian brute Alexander Rusev.
Triple H & Randy Orton Scheming for WWE Money in the Bank

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for June 27, 2014: Roman Reigns Looks to Take Out Kane Before MITB

Also, Dean Ambrose faces Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, WWE Divas Champion Paige battles Cameron of the Funkadactyls in a non-title match, Bray Wyatt takes on United States Champion Sheamus in singles competition while Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio team up against Dolph Ziggler and Rob Van Dam.
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