FBI said that some Smart TVs sold in the Black Friday Deals can be hacked.

FBI Warns Black Friday Smart TV Buyers on the Dangers of Hacking

FBI warns that there are some glitches in Smart TV.
New Samsung Smart TV

CES 2016: Samsung Introduces Smart TV Remote to Control Every Entertainment Device

Samsung wants to make it easier for users who have multiple devices attached to their TV to control them. On Monday, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the company introduced a Smart TV remote that will control all devices in a user's entertainment center.
Google Chromecast First birthday free three month music celebration

Google Celebrates Chromecast's First Birthday With 90 Days of Free Play Music

It's been a year since the Google Chromecast was first introduced, and Google is celebrating with a new deal for Chromecast buyers that almost rivals its debut offer of three months of Netflix free.
Soccer, Brazil, POrtugal

How We Watch the World Cup 2014: Univision vs ESPN vs AT&T's Digital Plans

The FIFA World Cup 2014 isn't the first time a large sporting event has taken place in the digital age. But nevertheless, for a number of reasons, it will be one of the most high-tech live events ever, especially the way we watch it.
Verizon DVR study

DVR Hogs Are the Worst, and Half of Us Have One Living in Our House, According to Verizon

The digital video recorder (DVR) is a wonderful invention, but it gets spoiled when you actually can't use it to record your shows because someone else in your household is monopolizing all the storage. This grave problem has almost reached epidemic proportions, according to a new nationwide survey by Verizon, which found that more than half of DVR users have a hog in their home.
X2 tv internet entertainment system comcast xfinity

Netflix Officially Becomes "TV" in the U.S. on Monday

Starting on Monday April 28, Netflix's instant streaming service will join the programming lineup for some cable subscribers in the U.S., with an official channel dedicated to the insurgent internet entertainment service. The move is a breakthrough for Netflix, which has been trying to make its popular video streaming more mainstream.
Aereo TV Streaming

Aereo to Stream to Chromecast, If It Survives Long Enough

Chromecast continues to add new apps to the roster of services that support Google's $35 HDMI streaming dongle, but the latest addition is particularly interesting. Broadcast TV streaming service Aereo announced an upcoming update for its Android app on Thursday to bring live TV to Chromecast.

With the Chromecast Gaining Popularity, Why Would Google Launch Android TV?

Rumors hit the web this weekend of the possibility of a (new) set-top box from Google, this time called Android TV. But with the Google Chromecast gaining support from manufacturers and software developers, why would Google feel the need for another stab at your entertainment system?
Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV: Big on Specs and Extras, but Big on Price, Too

Amazon joined in the smart TV race on Wednesday when it unveiled Amazon "Fire TV," a powerful streaming box that offers some features that the competition, Google, Apple, and Roku, does not. Nevertheless, at $99, is Fire TV enough to win over couch potato-tech enthusiasts?

Amazon Streaming and Gaming Dongle To Take On Chromecast in April?

Amazon's long rumored set-top streaming device may not be a set-top device at all. The TV hardware, rumored to launch in April, may end up looking like a Chromecast, and it may try to take on Google with a gaming feature the Chromecast doesn't have.

Get Ready for Lots of Chromecast Apps: SDK Finally Open to Developers, After a Long Fall

The future of any mobile-connected hardware is inexorably tied to its app ecosystem: it doesn't matter how awesome a piece of hardware is these days if there are no apps to run on it. That's surprisingly been Google's problem with its super-cheap HDTV dongle Chromecast - until now.

WWE Launching Online Streaming Network on Feb. 24 - WrestleMania 30 Included

Probably the most entertaining thing at CES 2014 was the presentation from World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., as it announced it was launching the WWE Network - a streaming video channel on the internet that will include a huge amount of archival wrestling videos and new content for one monthly subscription.
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